CD Wolf was founded in 2018 by its president, Christopher Wolf, in response to his desire to provide focused, "all-in" project support tailored to specific client needs. Chris graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in 1992 with a degree in Civil Engineering. After serving on active duty for nine years as a civil engineering officer, he entered into the private sector as an engineering consultant, where we spent the next 19 years, including 17 years with Booz Allen Hamilton. During that time, Chris supported some of the largest and most complex projects in the Department of Defense, including the Military Housing Privatization Initiative, major mission beddown initiatives at Holloman and Cannon AFB, and the United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) Command and Control Facility mega project.

"CD Wolf epitomized all Air Force Core Values, especially 'Service Before Self'"

Col Vance Goodfellow, Director Offutt Lincoln Airport PMO

CD Wolf instills the core values learned from experience serving in the United States Air Force as both a civil engineering officer and trusted consultant. INTEGRITY at all times is essential in helping ensure projects not only meet mission needs but do so in a way that promotes fiscal responsibility and environmental stewardship. Client SERVICE before company interests encapsulates the essence of consulting...providing solutions that produce results. Last but certainly not least is EXCELLENCE. We want clients to remember us for being the consultant that doesn't just do a job, but the one that helps make a project something of which, the entire team can be proud.

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